My name is Tal, architect, born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I hold a B.Arch from IUAV (Venice, Italy) where I studied and lived for 6 years.

After coming back to Israel I joined the 'Paritzki & Liani Architects' team for 5 years.

Following that,  I started LOOSE: my very own, independent, architecture & design studio. 



In the world of fashion and textile, a magic occurs in the space that lays between body and fabric; it is a space at ease, natural and comfortable, of tailor-made fitting that enables you to breath and move freely, to simply be yourself.

This is the inspiration for 'LOOSE Architecture & Design by Tal Losica': it wishes to recreate this sensation in architecture, through custom-made design, well fitted to ones character and personality; through precise and serene planning, not too tight nor too slack.

I love what I do; along with great passion and commitment, I'm always aiming to achieve a fun, fresh, exquisite and most successful design, made especially for you.


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