Be'er Sheva

STATUS Competition

LOCATION   Be'er Sheva

SIZE 1552sqm

TYPE   Public





The new day care center is a simple-form complex, that aims to blend in its existing context both socially and esthetically, while establishing a network of multi-use outdoor spaces. A complex made of three major buildings separated by different gardens and vegetation: a composition of geometric volumes, similar yet different, that repeat themselves altering dimension and position, connected by inner pathways. The natural topography blends into the artificial one, formed by the diferential slopes of the roofs. The natural and artificial landscapes are weaved together forming new facades according to the viewers position. The overturn of slopes adds richness and versatility to the facade which becomes even more magical through shadow and light that expose and conceal forms and volumes.

Outdoor is as important as indoor; while the inner spaces are exclusively dedicated to the center's inhabitants, the outdoor areas seek a connection to the surrounding environment and community; all of course with maximum attention to privacy and respect of all users. There are two types of "outdoor": first, external gardens that surround the building and connect it to the adjacent neighborhood. Second, inner outdoor: at the heart of each building a patio enables natural light to penetrate inner passages and forms new inner facades. It is a more protected and intimate outdoor used by the inhabitants and crew only.

Special attention was given to the interface between indoor and outdoor: windows facing the inner patio were specifically planned to enable views from different standpoints (standing, seating, laying). The window, in its particular form and position is a moment; a place of suspension, observance and dialogue.

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