KO Apartment

STATUS Completed

LOCATION   Ra'anana

SIZE 90sqm

TYPE   Residential





Soft morning light welcomes you inside; the space is open, wide and bright, calms your mind as you enter. Leave everything behind, breath, relax, you're home.

The idea for this 90 m2 apartment in Ra'anana, designed for a young couple with a baby on the way, was to create a peaceful, "Zimmer" like home, simple, clean and easy to maintain.

Considering that the couple preferred to keep the existing bedroom layout, we focused on redesigning the layout of the entire day area (kitchen, living, dining) and all bathrooms.

Once entering, a long and open space washed with natural light, reveals both a dining and living area. A glimpse of the surrounding suburban cityscape is framed by a big window in the background.

On the right, a white striped carpentry element contains the kitchen, completely hiding it from the living area. The 3x3 cm striped wooden element starts from the floor, folds horizontally as a counter top, and then proceeds upwards to the ceiling. The glittering visual effect of strips and light contributes to the lightness of the space; matter vs. void, existing vs. dissolving.

In front, a white counter stretches along the entire wall, from the most inner point of the kitchen throughout the dining and living area. A long and continuous element that ties together all different functions of this unique and open space.

The color palette of the apartment changes throughout the day: from warm, bright shades of white in the morning, to soft and delicate tones of peach and grey as the sun goes down.

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