LA Apartment

STATUS Completed

LOCATION   Ra'anana

SIZE 100sqm

TYPE   Residential





Two people, upon their retirement, decide to move from their home up north closer to their families in the center of Israel. Decades of memories, present in every corner of their three story house now need to be packed and reassembled in a new 100 sqm apartment.

Two people, creating their home for the second time.  Their dreams, wishes and needs surface throughout the planning process; requiring a design tailored for them, but also taking under consideration their grown children and grandchildren, who are an inseparable part of their lives and thus of their new home.

The challenges of this project were mainly two:  First, how does one insert the belonging that previously inhabited a 300 sqm home into a 100 sqm apartment? Storage was therefore a key feature guiding the planning and layout: exposed walls were hardly left in the apartment - they all gained depth and became cabinets, shelves, niches.  Second, the diagonal geometry of the apartment and the location of constructive elements enforced certain constraints; the design attempts to rather turn these into assets that serve and preserve both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. These constraintsu0007ssets also determined the "maze-like" passage from the open day area to the more intimate and hidden nightwash area.

Special attention was given to two personal features:  The garden, meant to embrace the inhabitants with memories of the landscape back home, was designed in shades of greens, lilac, lavender, violet, and enriched with herbs and scents.  A swing and carousel, hand crafted by the inhabitants, were brought and reassembled in the new garden, creating a special area for the grandchildren; with a hint of nostalgia and a sense of continuity.  Two carpentry elements were tailor-made to hold an exceptional collection of wine and Grappa. Various bottles from all over the world, glasses and relevant accessories were taken under consideration in the design that aims to convey a unique experience; of collecting, hosting and tasting, for both the inhabitants and their guests.


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