M Apartment

STATUS Completed


SIZE 85sqm

TYPE Residential


PHOTOGRAPHY   Shai Epstein



A green axis is the essence of the M Apartment design: An invisible yet dominant line, which underlines the continuity of outdoors from one side of the apartment to the other. The 85 sqm flat, is destined to be enlarged to a total of 110 sqm as a part of a strengthening process of the entire building. Considering the undefined schedule for the procedure, the client decided to go on with the renovation process right away.

On the first site visit, the space was perceived in its fullness as divisions were no longer present. The green axis connecting the two existing balconies (north-south) was, to me, the key element since the beginning. From outdoor to outdoor; from one green to the other.

Light, air and vegetation fill the apartment: Mediterranean forest on the hill to the north, dense branches seen from the west, and finally low plants in the south enclose the intimate back garden. Trees surround the indoors, embracing and filtering the rays of light. The apartment is planned as one open space, flowing and continuous.

The day area stretches through the entire length of the apartment and is divided in two: the northern side includes the living-dining-kitchen area, while the southern side hosts an open study room, enabling continuity of views and movement. The single space extending from one balcony to another emphasizes and mediates the sensation of size and volume. The few walls positioned, define a private area that includes two bathrooms and bedroom, separating it from the rest of the open flat. An integrated bench and large window above it, were specially planned to enable a glimpse of the sky through the thick branches and trees.


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